Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerine is made from plant oils such as palm, soy or coconut oil, making it an all-natural and 100 percent organic solution. This unique product can be used as an alternative natural sweetener, or as part of your skin care and beauty routine. If you’re searching for high-quality vegetable glycerin in Dubai, we have the best available options for you from leading international brands like Now Foods and Heritage Store. Browse our online products and get your own handy bottle of vegetable glycerine.

Benefits of having your own supply of multipurpose vegetable glycerin

Vegetable glycerine is known for its moisturising properties, which is why many people include it in their skin care routines. It can deeply cleanse the skin and effectively remove dirt and other impurities, while leaving the skin soft and smooth to touch. Some use it as a toner to balance their skin’s natural properties and to inhibit oil production, particularly in the face. Because it does not block the pores, blackheads and acne can be avoided or minimised. Free from chemical or artificial ingredients, vegetable glycerine is a hypoallergenic product that makes it safe for use even on sensitive skin. It has anti-ageing properties and a cooling effect that provides relief and comfort from rashes and itchy skin. Apart from that, vegetable glycerin contains low sugar content, which is why many diabetics prefer it as an organic alternative to sugar. It dissolves easily in water, so you can take it with your tea, coffee, or any favourite drink.

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