Skin Doctors Hair No More Inhibitor Spray 120 ml

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An innovation in hair removal! This unique and revolutionary Hair Growth Inhibitor Spray from Skin Doctors has been designed to actually help discourage unwanted hair from growing back. This incredible spray can help keep hair away for months & months at a time with repeated use. Any hair that grows back may be finer sparser and lighter than before , in many cases the hair NEVER grows back again. Formulated with natural herb and plant extracts to nourish and calm the skin after hair removal. This can be used following any method of hair removal but is particularly effective when used after waxing when it is more easily absorbed into the hair follicle. To use: After hair removal, spray the area with hair no more and massage into the skin. Item is brand new in original packaging.

Suggested Use

Patch test a small amount of Hair No More Inhibitor Spray on the area to be treated and wait 24 hours. If no irritation occurs commence with full application. After depilation, waxing, shaving or other forms of hair removal, spray a fine mist of Hair No More Inhibitor Spray onto the treated area. Massage in until fully absorbed. Apply daily.

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