Are you looking for MCT oil in Dubai to supplement your daily dietary and nutritional needs? MCTs are a good source of healthy fats, which are easy to digest and absorb so you get an almost instant source of natural energy. If you are planning to buy MCT or organic coconut oil in Dubai, then we have the perfect MCT oil products for you, selected from the world’s best known organic brands: Now Foods, Zenwise Health and Sports Research. Check out our selection of the finest organic health and wellness products, matched by the most affordable prices.

Experience the numerous health benefits of organic MCT oils

Coconut oils are a rich source of MCT, which is short for medium-chain triglycerides, or simply known as medium-chain fatty acids. Aside from giving you an energy boost, MCTs help aid digestion and fat absorption in the body, making them good dietary supplements for people who want to eat healthier and lose fat at the same time. Including MCT in your diet also helps improve your thinking and focus and enhance your mood. With its anti-bacterial properties, you can better fight infection and viruses, strengthening your immunity and resistance to diseases.

We ship MCT & organic coconut oil products throughout Dubai and the UAE

Our products are available for shipping to locations accessed by UAE couriers within Dubai and the rest of UAE. Through our partnership with the best couriers in the country, we can guarantee your package arrives at your doorstep in excellent condition, within only 1 to 7 days. Stocks for our globally sourced products are refilled every 1 to 2 weeks to ensure we offer only fresh quality items and the latest products from your preferred brands. We implement strict quality control to preserve the superior quality of our products, which includes storing them in a temperature controlled environment. Explore our broad product selection and order the finest all-natural, organic supplements and products available in the international market today, brought closer to you by U-Fit Nutrition. For more details or inquiries, please contact us through phone +971 56 967 5614 or

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