Frownies, Facial Patches, For Wrinkles on the Foreheads & Between Eyes, 144 Patches

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  • For Wrinkles on the Forehead & Between Eyes
  • Smooth Wrinkles While You Sleep!
  • Dramatically Soften Expression Lines
  • Look Younger by Relaxing Facial Muscles
  • 8-16 Week Supply
  • Makeup Artist Recommended
  • The Original Frownies

    The secret of Frownies' mechanical method of retaining facial muscles to lie smooth and flat, has been passed along by generations of women and men in entertainment and the public eye who rely on this amazingly effective technology to maintain a youthful appearance.

  • Frownies are a simple method to reverse deep expression lines.
  • Frownies repair wrinkle-damaged skin without dangers of injections or toxic chemicals.
  • Dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles safely and naturally.
  • Trains the underlying facial muscles to regain the strength and tone they have lost.
  • Use daily or nightly; leave on for a minimum of three hours

    Suggested Use
    Separate and smooth the crease in the muscle.
    Apply moistened Frownies facial patches over the smoothed line.
    Leave on at least 3 hours preferably over night.
    Remove patch by wetting to release adhesive.

    Other Ingredients
    Contains: Unbleached natural kraft paper with water-activated adhesive.
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