ecotools, Konjac Complexion Sponge - Deep Cleansing, 1 Sponge

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-Earth-Friendly Beauty
-Deep Cleansing
-Gently Exfoliates
-100% Natural Ingredients
-Made with Vegetable Fiber and Bamboo Charcoal
-Fragrance-Free and Colorant-Free
-Dermatologist Tested
-EcoTools paper packaging is made from 80% Recycled and 100% Recyclable Paper

What is a Konjac?
-A highly renewable perennial root plant mostly comprised of starch (similar to a potato)
-It grows in warm climates including Japan, Korea & Southeast Asia
How to Use-Exfoliate & Clarify
Get a better clean by removing impurities and revealing smooth, refreshed skin - just add your favorite facial cleanser and water! Wash away dirt, oil and makeup and leave skin glowing without over-drying or causing redness. Sponge is gentle enough to be used morning and night!
For best results, use sponge daily.
After each use, simply rinse sponge with water and lay flat to air dry. Taking care of your sponge will help it last longer. Replace every 1 to 3 months.

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