Castor Oil

Produced from the extracts of castor plant seeds, castor oil is a popular natural remedy for the hair, skin and other health issues. Because of its versatile uses, it is a common ingredient in numerous hair products, soaps, massage oils, cosmetics and medicines. Looking for organic castor oil in Dubai? Whether you need it to improve the growth and health of your hair, or you wish to have an all-natural ointment for back and muscle pains, you can find the best quality organic castor oils here at U-Fit Nutrition.

Get your organic castor oil in Dubai from U-Fit Nutrition

At U-Fit Nutrition, we have castor oils that speed up brow and lash growth the natural way. Because castor oils are rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, they work best to thicken hair strands, which makes them ideal for enhancing the length, thickness and look of your brows, eyelashes and hair. It also replenishes moisture and softens the hair, while getting rid of scalp infections that cause dandruff and itchiness. Apart from treating hair loss and thinning hair, castor oil can also delay the growth of grey hairs. Other variants of castor oils can be used as a topical ointment to provide soothing relief from arthritis, back pain, and muscle ache. It can also be applied as an acne aid and a skin moisturizer. With its nourishing capabilities, it can ease away fine lines and wrinkles in the face, as well as reduce skin blemishes and stretch marks, giving you softer, smoother and glowing skin.

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Here at U-Fit Nutrition, we make sure the excellent selection and quality of our organic products is matched by unparalleled customer service. That is why we provide a convenient and reliable shipping service to all locations accessible to UAE couriers. We also offer customers the option to pick up their items at our physical store. Just let us know what you prefer, so we can make the necessary arrangements. Through our temperature-controlled warehouse, we’re able to maintain the quality of our products and ensure you get them in excellent condition. We regularly fill up our inventory – every 7 to 14 days – to make sure you only get the latest stocks and enjoy fresh quality products. Want to talk to our team personally? You’re more than welcome to contact us via or +971 56 967 5614.

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