BS-MALL, Premium Synthetic Kabuki Brush Set, 10 pc

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  • Silky Soft. Makes Applying Makeup a Luxurious Experience.
  • Bold handle for easy use
  • Highest quality material
  • High density bristle
  • High quality Synthetic fiber hair
  • Does Not SHED!!!

    Soft and silky to touch, the brushes are dense and shaped well.

    Brush Guide:

    1. Angled Brush: Perfect for Blush and Bronzer
    2.Tapered Brush: Conceal around Eyes and Nose
    3. Flat Brush: Foundation
    4. Flat Angled Brush: Foundation around Nose and Mouth
    5. Round Brush: Powder
    6. Small Angled Brush: Contouring Hollows of Checks and Sides of Nose
    7. Small Tapered Brush: Concealer on Rounded Areas such as Nose
    8. Small Flat Brush Brush: Stipple Concealer and Blemishes
    9. Small Flat Angled Brush: Concealer under Eyes and around Nose
    10. Small Round Brush Brush: Eye shadow and Primer
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