Active Wow, Premium Teeth Whitening Kit, with Led Accelerator

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  • Active Wow Premium Grade Teeth Whitening Kit - Whiten your teeth in as little as one use with easy to use thermal-form trays that fit your teeth perfectly.
  • 100% Satisfaction - Whiter teeth, or your money back. Its that simple!
  • Proudly made in the USA unlike other kits - Made with quality control and integrity as a focus using only the best ingredients and materials.
  • Quick and painless - Use once a day for 15 minutes to remove stains from coffee, wine, soda, smoking, and more with light-activated acceleration technology.

Includes everything needed to have a Premium whitening experience.

Whats in the box? 
•Two Whitening Syringes (Clear Gel)
•Two Remineralization Gel Syringes (Blue Gel)
•Three Professional Thermoform Trays
•Whitening Accelerator Light (Make sure you remove the plastic tab in the battery compartment before use.
•Tray Case - Keep your molded trays clean when you put them away!

This kit makes a great present or gift for friends or family looking for a whiter smile!

Suggested Use

Step 1: Apply Remin Gel to Teeth. Open a blue syringe. Apply a small drop onto a q-tip, and work onto each tooth evenly. Cover all of the areas where you whitened. 

Step 2: Place formed tray around Teeth. Once your teeth are covered with tyhe solution, place the tray over your teeth to keep the gel in place during the treatment. 

Step 3 Length of Time. The remineralizatiion treatment can be used from 15minutes to a maximum of 1 hour. After finished rinse your mouth with water. 

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